Robert K Wilson

The Rock

I said, somewhere on another website, that I am lucky - I see things to photograph. There are three ways I take photographs. I go out with my camera looking for something and photographing it right away. I see something and go back with my camera at the right time of day or I have an idea in my head and I work on bringing images together in my imagination long before bringing the elements together in the studio or on location.
This photograph is interesting in that I must have walked past this rock many times over many years, even sat and climbed on it. I never really saw it like this before. I think the difference was the sand. I had never seen the sand on this part of the beach quite so smooth and unblemished. It was like this over two days as the tide came in and retreated and it stayed that way as the sun started to drop to the horizon on the day after I became aware of it. The light was strong but not too harsh because of some thin cloud cover.
I like the fact that the rock is separated from all the rest and it is difficult to work out the scale of it compared to the height of a person. In fact it would be interesting to retouch someone onto the picture, very small and see if the the scale was believable.
I am now selling some of my photographs on Amazon Handmade and you can see The Rock there.
I did take more rock photographs that day. I haven’t looked closely at the others yet but I will upload any that I think work in the way this one does.