Robert K Wilson

It Never Happened

This photograph was recently added to the slide show on the front of my website.  The car is a Porsche 919 hybrid which competed at the Le Mans 24 hour race in June 2014.
I took the photograph at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  The atmosphere there is very special and resembles the Formula One Grand Prix's of the late 1960's and early 1970's. I was able to wander around the paddock and be reasonably close to the cars accelerating up the hill climb. I took a lot of pictures of the cars over that weekend.
The thing is, this car was not coming towards me at speed nor was I hanging out the back of a pace car to get the shot, the car was sitting on the Porsche stand at the event when I photographed it. Take a closer look - this photograph never happened (but you should not be able to tell).
I thought it would be an interesting exercise to bring the car alive and give it movement. Adobe Photoshop is an immense tool for photographers giving the power to completely change reality.

I used two photographs for the final picture, the photograph of the car and a background photograph taken during the weekend when it looked as if the track was about to be flooded with rain - it didn't, but it produced a stunning dark sky.

The photograph of the Porsche turned out to be a reasonably simple retouch, the hardest part was removing a steel wire which was in front of the car. After that I cut out the car from the background - it was time consuming but not difficult - and then I combined it with the dark sky background. The trees were a bonus - I left them in and it gives the shot some depth. The stand the car was sitting on worked well as the base for the road once the up-lighter's and the joins between the tiles were removed.  After that I added a zoom filter and suddenly the car appeared to be accelerating straight to me.

Here are some samples of the other car shots.  They were all moving but I have added some extra excitement to some of them.

Jackie Stewart

Stirling Moss


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