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Still Lifes Moving

My blog entry was almost a non-runner right at the start when I became stuck on the title. “Fell at the first hurdle.” as my father used to say. I wanted to write about ‘still lifes’ so I wrote ‘still lives’, looked at it and thought, it’s not about living or still living – it’s about still life in the plural which, it turns out, according to the net, is 'still lifes'. You have to understand, I’m a photographer, not a wordsmith.  I don’t expect my copywriting chums to be proficient at taking pictures, though, as it happens, most of them are…

I was asked by Iain Hawk at 60 Watt to photograph some of the agency work for their new website, not as stills but on video. I liked the idea. Still life is one of my specialities and I’ve also taken pack shots for the end of my commercials on film before, but this was a little different for me – shooting a still life moving. There are five very short films altogether, four shot with video and one shot in stills which I  then edited as a video. I will link you through to them soon, once 60 Watt’s new website has been launched. You can see the original 60 Watt website here -

One article I really enjoyed recently was flagged up in a tweet by Mike Coulter @mikecoulter I did retweet it but, just in case you missed it, please click on the link.

It is a piece written by Oliver Burkeman. Oliver is a writer for the Guardian in Brooklyn, New York.  It’s called ‘Stay on the Bus’ : The Helsinki Bus Station theory of Creativity which was originally outlined in a 2004 graduation speech by the Finnish-American photographer Arno Minkkinen.  You can read it here:

The article was originally aimed at photographers but I think many of us could empathise with it.


By Robert K Wilson